In the late 1970s Hanne Strong and her husband Maurice began to gift land to various religious and spiritual traditions near the small village of Crestone, Colorado, population 3000. There are now more than 24 spiritual and religious communities that have an amazing diversity in their perspectives.
Crestone is nestled on the western slope of the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains on the edge of the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. It has a climate that ranges from harsh; hot summers to extreme cold and deep snow in the winter.
“The Flame” is a feature-length documentary film that explores the religious and spiritual groups that are based in Crestone – the differences that set them apart, as well as the similarities that are universal truths throughout all religions.
During two and a half years of working visits to Crestone, Sean Owen interviewed key figures at nine of the spiritual centers. The groups represent a broad spectrum of those located in Crestone, including Tibetan Buddhists, Carmelites, Native American Church, Bon Buddhists and Hindus.
Interwoven with the exploration of the nine spiritual groups represented in the film is the history of Crestone as it is told by ranchers, storekeepers and local homesteader families. Throughout the film there is landscape footage representing all the seasons of this remote mountain area. Together these elements combine to paint a picture of the broader community and the environmental context within which the spiritual centers are located.



Article – Crestone Eagle