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Tribal Radio

Tribal Radio tells the story of the southern Ute Radio Station KSUT and its unique connection to the community, tribal activities, and ceremonies. Nominated Best Documentary Native Film, Santa Fe Film Festival Nominated Best Documentary, Ethnographic Film Festival Paris


Silverton Gold

Silverton Gold explores the transition from mining to tourism/recreation and the tension between development and preservation which is a common theme of many old Western mining towns. Silverton is going through such a shift, with the tensions that inevitably arise when economic and environmental concerns come into conflict. The strong ties and sense of community that bind the town together in times of stress are made clear.


The Flame

In the tiny mountain town of Crestone, Colorado, there are over 24 spiritual communities.  Crestone is unusual in that there are so many different spiritual groups in proximity to each other that get along well. The Flame is concerned with the differences that set apart the various spiritual groups, as well as the similarities that are universal truths throughout all religions. Nominated for best Documentary and best director of a documentary film, Idyllwild international Film Festival 2014


Sing Birds

Bird songs are the traditional social songs that speak of the origins of the Cahuilla people of Southern California, their mythic or actual travels during ancient times, and describe their natural environment and its inhabitants. The evolution of bird songs themselves and how they are sung depict and serve as a metaphor for the changes in Cahuilla culture today. Nominated for best film, San Francisco Native Film Festival.


Native Soul

Native Soul focuses on the various bands and tribes of the southwest that “sing Bird” [Bird songs are the traditional social songs that speak of the origins of the People and their mythic or actual travels during ancient times]. Through filming Bird Song groups, visiting their reservations, and interviewing elders and younger singers the story weaves a tapestry of the many varieties of singers and their songs in California and Arizona.

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